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INSTRUCTIONS - [please read carefully]



The best way to get rid of bugs is to make sure they never move in. Zero Tolerance works well when used as a preventative measure. Once your garden is infested, it’s a lot harder to remove them. Please keep in mind that Zero Tolerance is a natural garden solution and not some high powered deadly chemical. This means a bit of time and your care are needed to address your infestation problem. Here are a couple of pointers:


1.   Using it once will not solve the problem - multiple applications are needed. 

[Spider mites need a minimum of 3 applications]


2.   You MUST test Zero Tolerance on a leaf before you apply it to your plants. 


Wait 24 hours to make sure your concentration is a safe level of dilution for your plants. 

If your plants show slight burn, dilute Zero Tolerance [1 Part Water - 3/4 Parts Zero Tolerance] and test again. 

Zero Tolerance is very strong and can burn your plants. 

Try to find the happy equilibrium of max strength vs. plant health.


3.   If at all possible, use a fogger to create a fine mist. Spraying with a fogger creates a much finer spray than your average spray bottle can produce. The application is faster and covers more of the plants surface and you can use less product at the same time.


4.   The best time to spray is in the evening or when plants are not under bright light. DO NOT SPRAY UNDER GROW LIGHTING OR PEAK SUN TIMES.


5. We use the finest natural ingredients to make sure your plants are healthy for consumption. Be patient and the results will be amazing




Ed Rosenthal  [Master Gardener Level IV]



Frequently Asked Questions:


When should I apply?

Spray ZT Pesticide - Ready to Use (“RTU”) once a week as a preventive OR spray at the first sight of infestation. Always use in the evenings. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight immediately after use.


How much should be applied?

Mist all leaves, underside of leaves, and branches. Mist leaves completely but not to where they are dripping wet. Avoid over spraying.


Should it be diluted? How to dilute:

Slight leaf spotting or discoloration will not affect overall health of plant. If damage or burning appears, add 1 cup of water to 1 quart ZT Pesticide/Fungicide RTU. Test again. For stressed or small plants dilute 1 part ZT Pesticide/Fungicide RTU with 1 part water.


Can the plant be dipped rather than sprayed?

Yes, only if the plant is healthy. Dilute 1 part ZT Pesticide/Fungicide RTU and 1 part water.


Can it be used in the reservoir of a hydroponics system?

Rather than using it in a reservoir directly, shut the system off and water the medium with a solution of 1 part ZT Pesticide RTU and 2-3 parts water


Spider Mites: how to apply?

Spray ZT Pesticide RTU on days 1, 4, and 7. Example: Spray on day 1, wait 3 days and spray again (day 4), 3 days later spray again (day 7). This interrupts the life cycle. Continue spraying on days 1, 4, and 7 until mite infestation is eliminated, usually takes 10-14 days of use.


Root aphids, root rot, and fungus gnats: how to apply?

Besides spraying around the base of the plant, it is best to pour ZT Pesticide RTU directly into roots and soil. Dilute 1 part ZT Pesticide RTU with 2 parts water and pour directly to roots and soil. **Beneficial nematodes are the most effective solution against root aphids and root rot.


Powdery mildew and mold: how to apply?

Make Zero Tolerance Pesticide into a powerful fungicide. Use Potassium Bicarbonate (KHCO3). This changes the pH of the leaf surface making it more alkaline and retards the growth of the mold spores. To 1 gallon of the Ready-to-Use Pesticide add 1 ½ oz Potassium Bicarbonate by weight. This is equivalent to 2. 5 Tablespoons [2 TBl + 2 Teaspoons]


How close to harvest can Zero Tolerance be used?

Zero Tolerance can be applied up to 10 days before harvest. The oils will all evaporate over a four to five day period so there is no after-taste or oil residue.

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